Jill,Bobbi Jo, and Everyone at Raise Your Dreams Farm are such wonderful people. From the moment you get there to the moment that you leave you feel welcomed and wanted. My son began taking Therapeutic Riding Lessons with Jill and Bobbi Jo about a year ago and he has learned so much from being there. He loves learning about caring for the horses as well as riding them. When he's there, he is calm, serious, and empathetic towards the horses, but he is also able to be silly with his instructors a bit. For my son, an Aspergers kid, to be able to joke and be silly is amazing to see. Jill and Bobbi Jo and everyone at Raise Your Dreams Farm are wonderful people and I've been blessed to have found them to help my son. Amy, a parent from Pennsville, NJ

Horseback riding at Raise Your Dreams Farm has helped me in many ways, it has made me meet new friends, taught me how to ride horses, and much more. Jill really cares for her staff and students, she is an amazing and positive role model for many students, I included. When my mom and I were looking for horse riding farms, and we booked a lesson at another farm, then we found Raise Your Dreams Farm and fell in love with it. I love this farm, the instructors, and the horses. Megan, a student that drives from Philadelphia, PA every Saturday for her lesson

I LOVE riding at Mrs. Jill's farm. She has beautiful horses, and I love them. The instructors are always encouraging. I have learned a lot about horses, taking care of them and riding them. Kaitlyn- a riding student from Sewell, NJ

Jill you are an amazing person. My daughter was riding at another farm for a year and I responded to your ad and bought my daughter lessons at your farm for a Christmas present. It has been a present that has paid my daughter and I back in many ways. My daughter has learned so much more at your farm then at the other farm. It is like a family at your farm. Everyone is welcoming, encouraging, positive, and a true blessing. My daughter has changed in many ways, not only in her riding, but she has become helpful in the home. She loves working with you and your special students. I cannot thank this farm, the staff, the horses for transforming my daughter into a kind, considerate, and loving person. I would strongly recommend this farm to anyone. It is safe, wholesome, loving, friendly, encouraging, and transforming. Jill's philosophy is everywhere, WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! She has built up children that have learned that dreams are possible with God and it is Jill's great testimony that has built this place. Cheryl, Woodstown, NJ

"Since my daughter has been taking lessons at Raise Your Dreams Farm she has improved in many areas. Her attention, interest, and dealing with challenges have improved tremendously. But her biggest and most impressive improvements have been found in her ability to balance herself and her coordination has increased. We are talking about a child who had a gate in her walk, was weak on the right side, and was lacking in bilateral coordination. Now she is doing the posting trot with no hands! The carry over is that this child who could not stand on her right foot by itself and balance herself, now skips! To me that is a miracle! Her neurologist said yesterday to keep up with the riding therapy." --A parent from West Deptford, NJ

"As a case manager for a nine year old student with autism, I'd like to share some comments I heard about your horseback riding program. This young girl's mother recently sent me a note and picture of her daughter with her favorite horse, "Dandy." Since she has been taking riding lessons, her mother has seen significant improvement in her motor skills and overall self-esteem. I know that positive social interactions and acceptable behavior are continually reinforced at your farm. For children who need additional opportunities to form friendships and a sense of achievement, your program sounds wonderful. Keep up the good work!!" --Kathy Litzinger, West Deptford Township, NJ

"My daughter has been riding at Raise Your Dreams Farm for three and a half years. She has taken lessons at other facilities and with other instructors, none that could compare to Jill and her staff. The staff at Raise Your Dreams Farm not only instructs the children in horseback riding and the care and maintenance of horses, but also teaches the children camaraderie, honesty, love for animals, and a love and knowledge of the Lord. My daughter has grown as a well rounded horse rider and as an individual with the help of the staff at Raise Your Dreams Farm. As my daughter says, 'Raise Your Dreams Farm is exactly what it implies.'" --Debbie and Courtney, South Harrison Township, NJ

"The instructors at Raise Your Dreams Farm are highly skilled, fun, and patient. All lessons are individualized to fit the learners/riders needs. My daughter has been riding at Raise Your Dreams Farm for years, and I have recommended the lessons and the camps to my friends. The environment is friendly and safe with an emphasis on responsibility/character and relationships with horses and with each other. My daughter's experiences at Raise Your Dreams Farm has created lasting friendships and increased confidence in her ability to accomplish goals and be a leader among her peers." --Kim, Woodstown, NJ

"What I like most about Raise Your Dreams Farm is that Jill and her staff have passion for what they do. I have taken my daughter to many other farms and it seemed that they were more interested in making money even at the expense of safety and quality instruction towards the students. At Raise Your Dreams Farm there is passion and love for all that come to the farm. That's why I recommend the farm to everyone, because there is quality instruction, excellent horses, and people that are passionate about what they do!" --Michelle, West Deptford, NJ

"Raise Your Dreams Farm is such a wonderful place for adolescents to spend time. It's so much more than skilled riding lessons. My daughter has been riding at Jill's for the past four years and her self-confidence and self-esteem has just grown with each lesson and camp. Jill Mansor, the owner of Raise Your Dreams Farm has such a wonderful way of instilling confidence as she teaches all the horsemanship skills. She has instilled a great love and respect of animals in each child who is lucky enough to learn under her. It's been such a thrill to see my daughter's skills improve with each lesson but also her independence on the horse. The most rewarding thing, as a parent is to watch my daughter's ability to believe in herself just bloom because of the confidence Jill builds each time she rides. I look forward to many more years of lessons, camps and time spent at the farm." --Pat, West Deptford, NJ