Horseback riding lessons are a goal oriented, curriculum driven program. All lessons begin with goals and the systematic approach to attain those goals. We cater lessons to the desires of the riders. Whether it is showing, jumping, cross country, dressage, gaming, or just for the sheer love of learning and growing with horses, we can accommodate your desires.

All beginner lessons are private. Horses are herd animals and when students are put in group lessons the horse is just following the horse in front of them. Lessons are based upon the European balanced seat. Once a student can stop, walk, and steer a horse on their own, they are then given lunge lessons. The reins are then taken away to develop the seat and the leg of the rider. This approach enables the rider to create balance and harmony with the horse.

Riders learn how to ride effectively and efficiently. There will never be kicking or pulling of the horse. Instead there will be riders equipped with the knowledge to get the most from their horse through a partnership and team approach. This is taught in every lesson. Our horses love being ridden because they are given respect, love, and extraordinary care. It is a great privilege to ride these beautiful horses and ponies. It is with this understanding that the students learn how to create harmony and balance in their handling of their horse.