Jill Dorsey Mansor, M.A.

Jill is a lifelong learner of horses and teaching. Jill has been a Special Education teacher for the past 27 years. During this time she has been awarded "Teacher of the Year, NJ Governor's Teacher Recognition" and has been nominated for this award two other times. Jill has a Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Special Education. Jill is also a Certified riding instructor through American Riding Instructor's Association.

The journey of becoming an instructor started twenty years ago. Owning a beautiful Thoroughbred Cross, Raise Your Dreams taught her many lessons. She rode under Richard Uhlmann, an Olympic Coach for Austria. Learning to ride classic Dressage and Show Jumping brought a new understanding of the horse to her. Today she incorporates what Richard taught her, that riding a horse is learning how to dance with your horse which incorporates true harmony.

Jill specializes in teaching a foundation of seat and leg. If you are looking to be a partner with a horse, then Raise Your Dreams Farm has what you are looking for.

Jill teaches beginner to advanced and all special needs that are ambulatory.