About Us

Jill and Raise Your Dreams Raise Your Dreams Farm was started with a vision. It would be a farm where children and adults would learn at their own pace in a supportive, safe and fun environment. It was this vision that kept me awake at night. I would sew horse blankets in my free time, buy tack with extra money, and keep my dream alive by constantly thinking and talking about it. I read that if you are not where you feel you should be, then you must prepare for it. So I set about reading all the business books and horse books I could find. I taught at a farm and gleaned as much as I could about owning and operating a lesson facility.

After purchasing my first horse, Raise Your Dreams, a thoroughbred cross, I knew that my farm's name would be named after him. He was my dream and it had burned deeply in my heart as I constantly "raised" it to God.

As a single woman going on forty years old, I was admonished by friends and family to reassess my goal. Living on a horse would be a challenge, one that could not be taken lightly. I set my heart to prayer, and I would spend hours asking Gosend me a farm if it was His will. Then I got an offer from someone that would like to buy my home in Delaware. I eagaccepted it. This was the first step in achieving my goal. I surely made enough money off of that sale that it put me in standing to get a horse farm of my own. I pictured a home with a winding tree lined driveway, a wraparound porch, a beautiful home with hardwood floors, and a environment with manageable grounds. I found it in Woodstown. I found a new home with all that I desired, it had everytthat I envisioned. It was the biggest blessing I had ever experienced. God did not stop there; He brought me a husband too. He was a man accepted my dream, encouraged me, and helped me achieve great success. Dan and I have handled the challenges and blessthat have come our way and have learned precious lessons. Though owning a horse farm is the hardest thing I have ever donehas also been the most rewarding.

Today I provide equine therapy for the Salem County Center for Autism. I also have many students that have participatehorse shows. My horse, Milkshake, won the prestigious title Horse of the Show. I find myself humbled by all that God has gme and has provided for me; it is with His love that He has given me my greatest desire, to bless others with what Heblessed me with.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

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